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What we do.

We are Kitchen Werx.

For 20+ years, Kitchen Werx has been a leading expert when it comes to building or remodeling either residential houses or commercial buildings in the GTA.

We have both the experience and patience to guide you through the whole process of your renovation goals. Regardless of if it is a full home renovation or a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project, every home improvement job we take is always treated with care and due diligence in bringing your vision to life!

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Meet Darren!

Darren, the innovative force behind KitchenWerx, boasts a long career in the realm of kitchen redesign and home renovations. 

With a rich background in the industry, Darren has seamlessly blended creativity and practicality in countless projects, leaving a trail of satisfied clients. His journey has been marked by a commitment to excellence, transforming spaces into stunning yet functional hubs and creating functional and aesthetically pleasing furniture pieces.

Featured Projects

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